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2018 - A New Year!

2018 - A New Year!

I am a little behind already. It is the end of January 2018. So not to get down on myself ... I am saying I have just dipped my toes into the stream of the New Year. Soon I will be wading knee deep in 2018 and hopefully loving it. 

So, this is great. I get to have a whole new year to try and finish everything I didn't get done last year. I shouldn't have worried about the stuff I wasn't getting done. Why didn't I realize I should just moved it to the new year.  

January, I like January!  It is when I make my lists for the year. Lots and lots of lists.
Lists of: what I am wanting to get done, what I am dreaming about and praying about, and hoping for.
I like calendars in notebooks for family, personal, and company. I jot on each month what I hope to do. It is fun - dreaming and planning. 

January is my thinking month. I have to think about all those things I have to list.

January is my journal-ling month. I like to journal in January and that lasts about a month. I have about 30 January journals in various forms. I keep trying a new format thinking it will keep me writing through the year but then I get a week behind and ...

January is a crazy making making month. I get discouraged that I didn't make changes I wanted to in the whole last year. Then I get excited I have time to still do it in this new year. 

So embrace the New Year, make your lists, dream,  pray, hope, and be thankful for each day.

Life is a gift - open it.

Wishing you a blessed year full of comfort and love. 

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