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Comfort Your Heart ~ Facts & Tips for Cardiac Wellness

 Did you know?
A woman dies of heart disease every minute.
It is the leading cause of death for women in America.
More women die of heart disease than all forms of cancer.
8,000,000 American women are living with heart disease.

♥ You are the heart of your home. Take care of yourself - be kind to your heart.

Your heart is an amazing pump that forces blood around a network of
blood vessels in your body that would circle the Earth two and half times.
This small grapefruit size miracle muscle beats around 70 beats a minute
– 100,800 beats a day – every day. With each beat it pumps the oxygen
and nutrients that nourish all the systems that carry on life in your body.

Comfort is a powerful preventive and healing tool.

♥ Can you name 5 things that comfort your heart?

1. More comfort & less stress – slow down, relax, unwind, and listen to your heart beat.
Remember next time you’re rushed and stressed, stop and take a few deep breathes.
Take a comfort moment every day. Wrap up in your Comfort Silkie Throw and
reset your body and mind.
2. More comfort exercise – enjoy a walk or some exercise. It helps your heart, your brain,
and your bones. Take care of your body, it’s the only one you have.
3. Eat healthy comfort foods like veggies, fruits, whole grains that nourish your heart.
4. Less fatty foods. Next time you pick up that yummy fatty item don’t think
“A minute on my lips, forever on my hips” ... Instead think “Forever in my heart.”
5. A merry heart is like good medicine. Remember something funny and take time to laugh.

If you or someone you know has heart disease:

Comfort Your Heart – Cardiac Rehabilitation

The Comfort Silkie products are designed to provide healing comfort to help relieve
tension and anxiety. Comfort and relaxation can help your body release natural soothers:
endorphins and enkephalins, that reduce pain perception and increase a sense of well-being. 
Comfort can help you relax and heal. 

Comfort is a safe and effective tool that enhances the healing response.

Embrace the circle of comfort

Body: Comforting touch
Emotions: Comforting self talk
Mind: Comforting thoughts
Soul: Comforting faith
Each comfort connects to the next, encircling you with a sense of well-being.

Snuggle into your Comfort Silkie product whenever you are feeling anxious or fearful.
Take a few deep breathes, loosen up your shoulders, and snuggle into comfort.

By Jeanelle Troncone, Comfort Therapist & Educator

The information above is not provided as medical advice. Please ask your physician if you have specific questions about incorporating comfort in your rehabilitation program.

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