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Easy To Make Succulent Pumpkins

Enjoy making this unique little garden that lasts up to six months!
I love the seasons and decorating for the holidays. This easy to make pumpkin succulent garden is the perfect table decoration or hostess gift. Succulents are comfort plants because they make people happy and need very little care.

Flowers fade quickly and goodies get eaten; but this little succulent garden can last up to six months. Succulents are delightful plants that take little effort. I made pumpkin gardens for our out-of-town relatives and sent them by USPS. The happy garden will remind them of us and our wish to be there with them.

Gather the following items:
1. Small to medium pumpkins
2. Sphagnum moss
3. Succulents plants
4. Spray glue – super tack
5. Hot glue gun/glue stick

Choose pumpkins with their skin and stem in good shape. If the pumpkin skin is torn; it will decay sooner. The pumpkin does not rot because is not being cut. The moss and plants are glued to the exterior. 

If you have succulents in your yard already; make cuttings from your plants. If not, most Home Depots and other plant/hardware stores sell succulents. Just clip the succulent blossom at the stem.

Step One:
Spray the glue on top of pumpkin; let the glue sit for a minute to get tacky. Lay clumps of the moss on the glue and adhere it to the pumpkin.

Add additional glue where needed if any moss layers can be lifted up. You also can add some hot glue to loose areas when gluing the plants in.

Step Two:
Gather a plate full of succulent plant blossoms. Secure the clipping one-by-one into the moss by hot gluing them and pressing them into the moss. Glue around the base of the blossom and upper stem, leaving the cut end unglued so it can root in to the moss. Arrange the succulents as you go; glue and paste in.

Step Three:
When all your succulents are glued in, look it over and fill in any open space. Check for loose plants or movable moss and glue down. Trim any excess moss and wipe down pumpkin. 

Step Four:
The last step is to wet down the moss and plants. I misted/soaked mine with my kitchen sink sprayer. The plants and moss will need to be sprayed once a week. Remember succulents do not like to be cold or have frost. They need some sunshine. 

After using to decorate your table; place the pumpkin near a window. When you no longer want your pumpkin, clip the succulents and plant them in a pot filled with desert soil.

Embrace moments of comfort and joy. Let these happy little plants bring you a smile.

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