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Exploring + Nature = Mental Health

Ever have the urge to just drop everything & go explore something new & unfamiliar? Well that’s exactly how my husband, Tim, & I had been feeling a couple months back. We had been so bogged down with work, studies, & all of lives other obligations & just needed a bit of an escape. We were desperately craving a change in scenery & we knew that our souls needed some TLC. So we put our hectic lives on pause to do some good old fashioned adventuring & let me tell ya, I am so happy we did!

Saturday morning we packed up our little car, grabbed our pups, & headed out to Palomar Mountain for some fresh air & hiking. It is only about an hour & 20 minute drive from our little beach town of Carlsbad, but it feels like another world. We did the Observatory Trail & I highly recommend it! It is a 4.5 miles roundtrip trek. It’s dog friendly, a great trail for kids, & absolutely breathtaking. If you want to go an explore the Observatory be sure to get to the top by 3:00pm. Tim & I got there at 4:10 & they were closing up & mentioned they close between 3:30-4:00. Even without the Observatory the hike was worth it, plus it gives us an excuse to come back! There is just something about being surrounded by nature & away from all of the commotion of everyday life that puts everything into perspective.

In fact, we loved it so much that we decided we needed to do another little excursion the next weekend to go to the Super Bloom in Anza Borrego Springs. This was about a 2 hour drive from our place but it was so worth it! I had a big test coming up the following week so used the time in the car to sneak in some studying because I started to feel guilty for all this exploring. But the guilt quickly vanished once I saw the beauty that this desert held. You guys, there were wildflowers for miles…in the desert! I couldn’t get over it. How does that happen? All I know is that spring was most definitely in the air & it was unlike anything we had ever experienced. I am so grateful for all the rain San Diego had this year because flowers have been blooming everywhere & it just makes everyday a bit brighter.

There is something about taking some time to hit the pause button & have some fun doing what you love most. It’s amazing how taking a couple breaks really help us hit the reset button & jump back into all of our responsibilities with a clear head & a happy heart. Our neighborhood is covered in wildflowers right now & it makes me smile because it brings back some sweet memories of our weekend adventures & reminds me that sometimes breaks are necessary in order to put your best foot forward. 

What is your favorite “mental health break” activity?

Check out the video recap we made of our excursions at Tim & Linds Adventures!

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