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How To Put The Care In Caregiving

We all hope for ourselves, our children, and our good friends to each have the privilege of a long beautiful life. With that life comes the gathering of memories, lessons, and most likely a bucket list full of things that you have and have not done. As a kid, life seems to go so much slower. When you are young the fact that you will be "old" someday is hard to fathom. Then that thing called time happens, life happens, and continues to happen. Our days go by fast and eventually, well, hey the fact is we all get old and elderly. When we do, unfortunately it seems we tend to revert back to that child who needed so much care, attention, instruction, help, and reminders after reminders of even simple daily routines or basic behaviors. If we are lucky enough to live a long beautiful existence it appears we are sure to deal with the oddities of becoming our once adolescent self again in a way. It is sad, but so true. None of us are exempt from such fate. So from potty trainers to golden agers we should remember we are blessed to be breathing. Be thankful for each day, and for each moment you spend with the ones you love. 

No matter what age the person is, or what age they may act, above all, they just need lots of love. In my opinion the #1 ingredient in caregiving is love, then patience (LOTS of patience) and kindness. Mix in a bunch of hard work of course as you will wear many different hats... and there you have the recipe to make it all work out.

My husband and I are currently the full time caregivers for his elderly parents. Ages 91 and 94. Living with them, being with them, taking care of every detail of their lives for them. Sometimes it is more difficult than other times. It requires skills and abilities that exceed just giving care. Challenging is an understatement. It is not easy, the changes and sacrifices we have made to pull it off are really beyond going into details. We do it all in the name family, respect, and believing that our generations, young or old is what holds the key to our soul and the root of our happiness. So hang in there if you are a caregiver. Give to your family, and keep giving. 
Be the love. Be the good. 

Cozy Shoulder Shawl ~
This easy to use, cozy shawl comforted my father-in-law during his hard hospital stays and now at the home. Like most seniors he is always freezing and it keeps the chill off. He uses the pockets to keep his hands nice and warm.

Plush Home Throw ~
The throw is his special blanket for when he is relaxing in his recliner. It is the perfect thing to throw over him. He loves how cozy, warm, and comforted it makes him feel.

Nap and Travel Pillow ~
My mother-in-law can't get a good night sleep without her little mini pillow between her knees. It cushions and relieves the pain she has in her knees and hips from arthritis.

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