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Van Life Of A Dreamer With Maggie The Van

Maggie is my 20 foot road trek van, she is a perfect adventure vehicle. One of my dear friends told me something that has always stuck with me, “It is not an adventure till something goes unplanned.” As I held this mantra into every journey with Maggie, her imperfections became the test. I began to take hold of my capability to handle the stressful situations that could quickly take shape.

I first lugged to northern California, Santa Cruz. Maggie’s weight slowly chugged up the newly rejuvenated mountain, I felt the hum of the engine and present moment. The mechanical beast was working on its own, without much of my doing. One push past her fragile state and my stranded solo self would be a little less than hopeless. My jaw clenched as my foot lay steadily on the gas, seeming to make her sweat with heat and gasp for a flat road. All I could do was get there. Carrying your own space is comforting but terrifying. My trust for man made existence was pushed.

The rows of agriculture wave by the emptiness. Each line of the fruit trees hazed to a mirage. The trees were blooming for spring, blooming for consumption. There is beauty taken away from a bloom that is for an industry. There is an illusion when all the countless rows stand together, as a whole. It becomes a orchard of trees. My mind pushed indulged in thoughts on the road. When am I seen as an individual and when does my environment around me become a mirage. How have I chosen to create a lifestyle of unifying multiple environments, still allowing myself to belong and dwell somewhere.

Take account to the perfect balance of the seam where the individuals and the environment are knit together. 

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