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Your Comfort Zone Is A Good Thing!

If you google or pinterest search “comfort zone” you will find quote after quote drumming up some clever way to tell you NOTHING GOOD happens in your comfort zone.

Well I beg to differ.

It’s not really true. I will tell you why, but first I want you to know... I get it. I understand the fact that you need to do things out of your norm, think outside your box, start new adventures and challenge yourself. It is very important. It is a key to giving your life momentum and catapulting yourself into new chapters. Everyone from your mother to motivational speakers will tell you to GET OUT of your comfort zone! With that said....

I want to tell you to GET IN your comfort zone.

Dive deep into it. Nestle into it and soak it up. It is your home. It is your family. It is your happy place. The place where your heart feels content and comfortable. It is your children, and the moments where you get to cuddle with them and laugh with them. It is your friends and the people who love you and care about you. Your comfort zone is your faith and your belief in what is good. It is what gives you strength and hope to do the things you need to do because life is full of things that will naturally pull you out of that beautiful zone of comfort you do have.

As with most matters of life, balance is essential to success and happiness. So I too will encourage you, step out of it as much as you like but please remember to be thankful for your comfort zone. Wrap up in it and delight in it.... because yes, your comfort zone is a good thing!

Thank you for being a part of The Comfort Nest! Enjoy checking out all of our awesome blogs! 
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