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10 Healthy, Travel Friendly Trader Joe's Comfort Snacks!

If you know me you know I am a major snacker and what better place to find snacks than Trader Joe's? It has become a laughing joke in our family that I am always prioritizing my next meal. I have gotten a few questions about what to pack in regards to snacks while traveling.

You never want to be that annoying person with the stinky meal on a plane am I right (tunafish sandwich anyone)? You want to travel with ease and have your favorite comfort foods at hand! Since we have been on the go for over a year now I feel like I have perfected my list and I am excited to share it with you all! I have found that Trader Joe’s is my one stop shop for grabbing all my goodies. However, you can find different versions of most of these at any grocery store!

One thing I have learned over this past year is that I definitely like to “graze” more than Tim! He can go hours without eating. On the other hand, I quickly become “hangry." Because of this I have found that having a few snacks on hand for those moments are crucial. Plus it helps us save money - added bonus!


1. Very Green Smoothie & Cold Pressed Juice: I love to drink these for before we travel! They are a great healthy option to drink on the way to the airport especially if you have an early flight! Both Tim and I love the taste of them and they get your body the nutrients it needs before the flight! 

2. Instant Coffee: These are great because you can take them out of the box and their packaging is extremely easy to travel with. They are so simple and all you need is hot water and wahla, you have yourself a quick cup of joe! It’s nothing out of this world but it really does the job. I love them on days when you don’t want to buy a latte out and you are trying to save a bit of money. I also saw that you can order these on Amazon

3. Instant Oatmeal: These are perfect for mornings where you don’t want to buy breakfast. Sometimes you just want to have a quick something to fill you up and get on your way exploring! Again, they are very easy to pack once you take them out of their box. I like to buy the dried blueberries as well to mix in there. Trader Joe’s has a variety of flavors too so it is fun to mix it up!

4. Dried Fruit: This has to be one of my favorites to pack! Trader Joe’s has so many tasty dried fruit options and they are all delicious! Even though my family jokes about my snack addiction they all snack on these and they are the first snack to disappear! The mango is a family favorite.

5. Trail Mix: These are the best! You can purchase them in little packets. They are the perfect size to throw in your travel bag! I have an addiction to the ones with the chocolate chunks. Where my chocolate lovers at?! But it is nice to have them in individual packaging because if you are like me you would eat the entire large bag in one sitting. 

6. Protein Bars: Again, super easy snack while roaming the airport and during a long travel day! Trader Joe’s is the best because they have so many options that it is almost overwhelming.

7. Salami & Cheese Packets: These are a bit more filling and give you that protein you sometimes need. My mother in law brings a little portable cooler bag and we just throw them in there. You can find them in the deli section.

8. Fruit & Nut Bites: These are new to me and I tried them on our last trip and loved them! They have the cutest packaging. They come in two different flavors: Fig & Walnut and Almond & Apricot. All can be taken out of their package and are small enough to toss into any purse! A great healthy option. 

9. Babybel Cheeses: I am sure many of you have tried these! But these are fun to eat along side of a mini apple or some crackers. 

10. Fruit Leathers: Super kid friendly little treat! They come with two in a pack and are super light with lots of different flavors to try. My personal favorite is Apple Raspberry!

Hope these help give you an idea of the snacks that are great for your next adventure!

Happy snacking and don’t forget to cuddle up with your favorite Comfort Silkie Travel Throw while on your flight!

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