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35 Bucket List To-Do's During Covid-19

As you can tell by the face Sawyer is making above we are ready to be back with our people and enjoy our beautiful world! We have heard it everywhere…times are crazy right now. Sawyer had an ear infection/cold two weeks ago so I feel like we are going on week three of quarantine over here. I am taking this social distancing really seriously and I truly think this is the best thing we can do right now. However, I will be the first to say that it is HARD and these unknown times can be a bit anxiety provoking. Nonetheless, I am putting all my faith in God and asking for His peace to pour out on all of us but I also decided to make a COVID-19 bucket list to help fill our days! I figured I had all the time in the world to share it with all of you. Maybe it will give you all some ideas of how to use this time while we are cooped up and doing our part to lower the curve!


1.Read that book that has been sitting on your nightstand for the past year!

2. Start that workout routine! Tone it Up is offering a free membership to all their online classes for the month, Fortis Yoga Studio is doing Instagram Live videos daily, and Core Power has free yoga classes on their website. Use this time to stay active and get in shape.

3. Spring Cleaning! Organize the garage, Marie Kondo your house, donate old clothes, dust- all the things you need to do but never have time for. Just turn on some good music and make it fun.

4. Wash your fur babies! We did this yesterday and man did they need it after all the rain.

5. Try a new recipe or bake something tasty! I have been making all sorts of things in my Instant pot. There are so many recipes on Pinterest. The opportunities are endless.

6. Unsubscribe from all unwanted emails! Not fun but hey, might be nice to get less junk in your mail.

7. Write some cards to family members, first responders, and elderly communities. This is a fun way to stay connected while being socially distant. Especially great for a fun kid activity. Retirement communities are not able to have guests visit so this would be a great way to keep spirits up

8. Self-Care Day! Do your nails, hair mask, facial, whiten your teeth!

9. Make a plan! Even though we are cooped up inside it is shown that when you create purpose for your day your mood is happier. I have been printing some of the downloadable PDF’s from Passion Planner and creating a plan for each day. Even if it is to simply shower, read, or hang with my baby! Ha! Maybe I just like checking things off a to-do list. Anyone else relate?!

10. Reach out to your neighbors! This is such a special time to help those around us and be there for them. Pick up an elders groceries or prescription or simply just let them know you are thinking of them.

11. Netflix! Need I say more. I’m sure this was already on your list. I am excited to start binge watching a show and not feeling guilty about it. You can even watch movies with friends and family through “Netflix Party”.

12. Order Pics! I feel like this is something people always say they need to do. Well the time is now to spice up your home with some current favorite photos. Use places that deliver of course – like Costco and Shutterfly.

13. Support local and small business owners! These are the companies that are getting hurt the most during this. You can buy a gift card or place an online order. If you can’t afford to shop give them a shoutout on social media. 

14. Go on a walk or a hike with your pup! Get some Vitamin D and stay active. The sunshine does wonders for us.

15. Play a board game or a puzzle! Better yet, FaceTime your family and play a game.

16. Start digging deeper in your faith! In a time of so much uncertainty now is the time to rely on the One who is greater than ourselves. Play some worship music, read a devotional, start a virtual Bible study, meditate. Trust me, you will feel so much better after getting your head out of the news! There are free daily devos here, a free bible study you can join through Horacio Printing (starting March 24), and you can watch live sermons through North Coast Church! Keeping your spiritual mind healthy at this time will also benefit your physical and mental health!

17. Start a passion project! Have you always had a dream of creating something? Now you can. Look into what it will take to make it a reality and just have fun creating.

18. Learn a new language! Dulingo has been downloaded on my phone for far too long. I am ready to get passed level 1 in Spanish. Who’s with me!?

19. While we are at it- lets learn a new instrument! I have always dreamt of playing the piano. There are tons of Youtube videosand I also downloaded the app Simply Piano. We will see if I am a musical prodigy after all this is over

20. Ping Pong! Our family’s personal favorite pastime.

21. Make a family video or do a family photoshoot! That’s what these photos are from!

22. Plant a Garden! I am so excited to do some planting tomorrow. My friend Jess from In Succulent Love has some amazing plants she is shipping out to keep people busy and they are so beautiful! Check her out!

23. Make a gratitude list! This month has really put everything into perspective for me. I am thankful for so much and sometimes just writing it out and putting it on the fridge is a perfect reminder of just how blessed we are.

24. Wash your make up brushes! We all know they probably need a good cleaning.

25. Go for a drive! I’m not sure if this is allowed still but if it is go for a drive and get a new scenery. The Carlsbad Flower Fields are blooming and although you cant go in you can see them for the road above. They are so beautiful and deserve to be admired as so much work went into them.

26. Learn a hair tutorial! I have so many I have saved over the years and I haven’t actually done one. Here is one I had fun making a while ago!

27. Juice! Have some fresh oranges, carrots or lemons?! Make some fresh squeezed juice. We can use all the vitamin C we can get right now.

28. Watch the sunset! This is just good for the soul.

29. Get crafty! Scrapbook, sew something, make a vision board or create a photo album. Do something with your hands and get creative.

30. Donate Blood! With everything going on blood is on a very short supply since people are not donating. If you are healthy and able please consider donating. You could save multiple lives. Sign up here!

31. NAP! Let’s catch up on resting. This is Tim’s favorite activity With kids you could make a fort and take a nap in there!

32. Dance Party! Need I say more?!

33. Blind folded pillow fight! Spin around three times and then try and hit each other. Do this at your own risk haha! Saw this on Ellen’s Instagram and I can’t wait to try it with Tim!

34. Call or FaceTime a friend. We are such a texting generation and considering we can’t physically see others right now a voice and a FaceTime sesh is the next best thing! FaceTime happy hour sounds like a perfect plan to me.

35. Here are some links of activities to do with kids (or on your own!!)

-Free art classes are on @chapmanhamborgart Live stories. He is an amazingly talented artist and is a teacher as well so this is pretty wonderful to have.

-There are free printable coloring pages with Biblical truths here.

She Reads Truth also has free downloadable Bible study plans for children.

-“Scholastic launched a Learn at Home website with daily lessons that combine videos, stories and prompts for drawing and writing activities. Grade levels include pre-K and kindergarten, grades 1 and 2, grades 3 to 5, and grades 6 and up.”

-“Khan Academy, a free online learning resource offering lessons, exercises and quizzes, has daily schedules

-Read more ideas here.

Hope this gives you some inspiration on how to spend your days at home! I know this is such a bizarre time but here’s to making the most of it!

Sending you lots of virtual love! <3 See more at Lindsay's blog - LiveEasyGoWell

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