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​Announcing MomLife at Comfort Silkie – Be Comfort Strong

Celebrate with us as we launch our MomLife category. We love moms, we are moms, we understand moms. Life can stressful, challenging, and wonderfully exhausting. Some days fills us; some days empty us. Moms need their own comfort. That is why we created Comfort Silkie MomLife just for you.We wanted moms to experience comfort like their babies do when they snuggle into their Comfort Silkie Security Blankets. Now, every mom can have her very own MomLife Adult Security Blanket. Snuggle in, breathe, relax, and surrender to softness. The innate comfort response you feel can lower your blood pressure, reduces anxiety, tension, stress hormone, and enhances your energy. Become comfort strong.

This picture is me at the beginning of Comfort Silkie when my office was off my bedroom. This is one of many moments where I jumped out of the shower to answer a buyer’s phone call. My husband and I were raising four children (with two more to come) and beginning Comfort Silkie. I understand the stresses of motherhood. I was a mompreneur before it was a word. I love being a mom; however I have always needed comfort to keep from being an overwhelmed, anxious, exhausted perfectionist. I would be a wobbly mess if I had not learned the power of comfort.

Live your best life. Be comfort strong. 

Coming SOON - DadLife - because dads deserve comfort too!

We had to do it ... so dad could quit sneaking his wife's Comfort Silkies :)

Look for a June2019 email discount for Father's Day gifts. Or check back on our next blog to get the special discount code. 

Thank you for being a part of The Comfort Nest! Enjoy checking out all of our awesome blogs! ...and don't forget the best place to feather your nest and get the comfort you deserve is at Comfort Silkie.

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