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Back to School Stress? Comfort routines that can help!

Back to school got you stressed? Is your little one having a hard time adjusting to being away from you? Are school mornings total chaos?

Whether starting a new school, moving up a grade or off at college - the start of the school year can be exciting but also can be full of stress.

My son started Pre-K this week. I was so nervous about his first day. He is very social but I couldn't help all those mom worries. How would he do with a new teacher, a different schedule, making friends? I obsessed about it all. When we were getting him ready for school I got his favorite Comfort Silkie Security Blanket and showed him I would be putting it in his little backpack. I gave his silkie a big hug and told him that if he missed us, got hurt or was sad about anything he could use it and my hug in his silkie would help him feel better. When we dropped him off at school he jumped right into exploring the class. He gave me a big kiss and hug goodbye and was off to play.

Just like that the school year had begun. And I might have stayed to spy on him for an extra minute or two. I left feeling so proud of him and hoped his first day would be okay. But at pickup time he saw me and said "I'm ready to go home. Now!" When I went to get his backpack his Comfort Silkie was peeking out of it. I asked him if he had needed it. His reply was so simple and sweet..."Yes. I missed you and wanted a hug!" It can be hard for young ones to express their fears and feelings in a new environment. I'm so glad that he had a little bit of home and comfort with him. Is there something small that you can put in your child's backpack that will give them some comfort knowing it's there? Or even just filling their hand with a kiss at drop off. Soon my son will be used to all that's new this year and might not need his silkie. But I'll still give it a little hug every morning just in case.

We just started the preschool year (majors props to all those with multiple kids at different schools) but there are a few things that have helped us get into a school routine. I know how crazy mornings can be. I have a 4 year old and a 2 year old! Just getting them dressed is like wrangling wild alligators sometimes!

To make getting dressed easier we pick out their entire outfits together the night before. Including underwear, socks and shoes. It all is placed in a basket and is ready for the next morning. No more searching for shoes or meltdowns that he wanted to wear the dinosaur shirt and not the shark shirt. Since he helped me choose his outfit I can remind him in the morning with that oh-yay-so-excited-but-you-better-get-dressed-now-please voice that he gets to wear what he picked out. Sometimes I will just choose the outfits but will give him one thing to choose from when he's getting dressed- red or blue shorts today?

You can also do this with lunches and snacks. Prepare lunches the night before so you are not stressed about making something healthy in the chaos of the morning. Have a basket of snacks and pre-cut veggies or fruit that are easy to grab to add to the lunches. Love adding notes to lunches but always forget? Take a few extra minutes on Sunday night to write notes for the week. Grab a post it pad and write a few simple words of encouragement or little love note.You can just peel one off when you want to use it that week. 

Getting out the door or playing hide and seek? Put items that need to go with you by the front door or always in the same place to quickly grab. Backpacks, water bottles, car keys etc. If you have a two level home keep an extra set tooth brushes down stairs for school mornings. Not having to go back up stairs to brush teeth or search for something saves time and limits distractions.

Going back to school can be stressful! Just remind your kids (and yourself) that everything will be ok! It takes time to adjust to new surroundings and routines. Having them know that you are there to help is important. 

You can learn comfort and anti-stress routines. It is easy to reset your body and mind with comfort products to help thrive this school year. 

Here are some ideas after a long day at school, college, or even the office or #momlife.

Place the Comfort Silkie Hot/Cold Pack on your shoulders or neck and feel the stress of the day melt away. My son complains about his knee aches or growing pains after he's had active play days at school. The hot/cold packs are lifesavers! I heat one up quickly in the microwave and it soothes his aches away. They are also great for tummy or headaches.

Take time to curl up with your Comfort Silkie Throw and be soothed by the soft sensations – let go of tension and stress. Now with your muscles completely relaxed (extra points for drooling) take a rest for 15 minutes and see how energized you feel. For little ones- create a comfort corner. A cozy place they can relax with their blanket or throw for a little time before starting homework or activities. Giving just 15 minutes for some time to reset and recharge will help them focus better.

Squeeze your Comfort Silkie Mini Pillow with stress releasing hugs (squeeze your whole body and release) repeat until ready for a nap, then place pillow under head and nod off. You will wake up refreshed and smarter. For little ones- if school is causing overtired afternoon meltdowns having a little pillow in their comfort corner they can go hug and squeeze when frustrated can help. If school still has a naptime have two pillows. One they sleep on at home and one at school. Having a comfort item that reminds them of being cozy at home will help them rest.

Take time to consider how the new school year is affecting energy levels and emotions. Make a list and write out those feelings.

Observe your child and talk to them about these things. Play the Rose and Thorn game. It is a way to talk about the good and bad of the day. The good - ask what was the rose of the day (something they loved or their favorite part of the day) and then the Thorn (the most difficult part of the day). It is surprising the insights you learn by having them share about their day in a new way. It lets them know that it's okay to talk about the frustrations of the day but also helps them find joy in the small things everyday. 

Just remember to take time for a little comfort and rest in the chaos. You deserve it! You are doing great! If back to school has you feeling exhausted and overwhelmed try to see what family routines can help. And maybe even sneak away for a few minutes with a warm cup of coffee and create a comfort corner for yourself! No shame if you have to hide from your kids in your closet. I'll probably be in mine with my favorite Comfort Silkie throw and some chocolate!

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