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Comfort For Breast Cancer

Comfort is a healer - "Until they find a cure, we will comfort." 
Breast cancer is scary. Every woman is afraid of it. We all have either experienced it or know someone who has. It is a helpless feeling to know our bodies are under attack in a way we cannot control. I have said before, one of the reasons I created Comfort Silkie is because I understand the innate need for comfort. I crave comfort and the power it has in our body and mind. I need comfort and so do you.

This is not meant to be a sales pitch ... but rather I beg .... if you or someone you know has been diagnosed with Breast Cancer - get 
Comfort Silkie.  It will make a difference in the journey. There is nothing like the gift of comfort and the power it can bring to soothe and heal.

We hear from women who tell us their story:

"Thank you, Thank you ... I took my Comfort Silkie throw with me to every chemo treatment. I pictured the comfort helping the chemo work and when I got home wrapped in it and let my body heal."

"A long cancer ... I am exhausted but had to write and tell you I feel loved and filled with hope when I hold my beloved Comfort Silkies. I just surround myself with the lovely softness and dream healing thoughts." 

"I dreaded losing my hair ... but every time I lay my head down on the Comfort Silkie Pillow Cover - it makes me feel like life can be good again. Can't wait to use it when i need to prevent bedhead again!"

"Sometimes I cry ... My emotions going through Breast Cancer have been all over the place - I am like a baby ... thank God, I have my own big security blanket and comfort pillow. Sometimes I just rock myself to sleep with my Comfort Silkies - the best soothers!"

"I am scared ... When I get down, feel sick, or want to panic, I reach for my Comfort Silkie. I read the comfort response card that came with my blanket and pillow and do just as you said. It does calm me, which I know is important to heal. I can heard your words and I feel like I have a friend to help me through."

These words and many others make us at Comfort Silkie humbled to have the power of comfort to give. 

Comfort has the power to restore the body, quiet the mind, and renew the soul

Comfort: to give strength, to quiet one’s fears, to give hope, to refresh, to calm

Cancer is not just a medical issue it is also a psychological and emotional journey
• 1 in 7 American women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime
• Women perceive breast cancer as their greatest health threat

Comfort therapy products, skills, and techniques are essential for wellbeing.

Comfort is a life skill that reduces stress and enhances healing. Studies note that interactions among behavior, the brain, and the body’s immune system show that psychological comforts can enhance (or stressors can interfere) with working of the body’s organ systems, in particular the neuro-endocrine and immune systems.

• Cancer treatment is physically demanding. Comfort techniques can help reduce some
   of the side effects; nausea, muscle tension, loss of sleep.
• helps simulate the body’s natural ability to heal
• helps cope with the strong emotions of disease and recovery
• encourages participation in own recovery
• stimulates release of relaxation and feel good hormones

The power of comfort can . . .
• reduces anxiety that diminishes the ability to cope and recovery
• can reduce stress behaviorism; fast heart rate, rapid shallow breathing, muscle tension
• strengthen the mind body connection
• reduce the addictive and cumulative negative effects of stress
• build up the immune system by reducing stress
• combat and reduce the side effects of the powerful chemo therapy medications
• rest the body after biomedical treatments
• aid in the conditioned relaxation response
• help the body to focus its energies toward healing

The power of Comfort is …

• not just a cozy feeling; but mindful, powerful life skill
• safe and effective tool for relieving pain and anxiety
• powerful mind body therapy
• a key component in the healing process
• a nontoxic therapy\

Comfort therapy products, skills, and techniques are essential for wellbeing
• The body stores and remembers comfort moments

"Until they find a cure, we will comfort.” Give the gift of comfort. 


Thank you for being a part of The Comfort Nest! Enjoy checking out all of our awesome blogs!
...and don't forget the best place to feather your nest and get the comfort you deserve is at Comfort Silkie.

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