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Comfort Silkie Goes Viral! Adorable son of Gavin Newsom interrupts his dad's inaugural speech with Comfort Silkie blanket in hand.

No matter your views, we can all agree - what the world needs now is comfort, sweet comfort.

Gavin Newsom was sworn in as California's 40th Governor on Monday. His adorable 2 year-old son took over the inauguration with his beloved Comfort Silkie blanket in tow. It stole the show!

Gavin's son Dutch, gets on stage with his Comfort Silkie and heads towards his daddy's arms. He seems oblivious  that his father is in the middle of his inauguration speech! 

We are thankful that Comfort Silkie was part of this sweet moment.  

The security blanket in the Newsom video was researched & patented over three decades ago and was the reason we started our company. Comfort Silkie, a true California family business that is "sunkissed, dream soaked, and built with hard work". It is a joy to know we have brought comfort to over a million babies. 

No matter your views, we can all agree - what the world needs now is comfort, sweet comfort. 

Truly, we never out grow our need for comfort. Babies grow up and now enjoy Comfort Silkie throws and pillow covers

So grateful to have brought comfort to babies and beyond for 32 years. 

To our Comfort Silkie family:

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Thank you. 

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