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Preemie NICU Comfort Blanket

Custom items require two week production time
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Product Description

Soothe ~ Nurture ~ Love

Created for Comfort:
Helps your baby adjust from womb-to-world~ Comfort Silkie has been soothing preemie babies for over three decades. We know how important parents scent, soft voice, and nurturing touch is to their tiny babies. We also understand how intimidating the medical surroundings of the NICU can be. We want to empower you to comfort and nurture your baby. Comfort Silkie is used in hospital pediatrics and NIC units where comfort is essential as part of the healing environment. "I bring high risk babies into this world. I am glad we have such a valuable partner in Comfort Silkie." ~ Dr. D. Adair, Director of Maternal Fetal Medicine 

Comfort Design:
Our comfort therapy NICU blanket helps you soothe your baby and creates a comforting scent connection. Tuck the blanket close to your skin to absorb your special scent that is as unique as a fingerprint. Provides soft tactile comfort therapy. Our signature satin feels like the silkie fluid that surrounded baby in the womb and our custom cozy flannel feels like mothers skin. Ask you NICU staff when you can incorporate Comfort Silkie in your babys care. When your baby leaves the NICU the blanket will be an important part of babys development for self comfort and soothing. A babys most beloved possession. "Nothing can replace a parent's love and gentle embrace, but Comfort Silkie is the next best thing." ~ P. Ferenbacher NICU RN Winner of JPMA Award and National Parenting Seal of Approval.

•  14"x 18" 
•  Comfort fabrics, lightweight, breathable, easy care 
•  Comfort Silkie signature satin - color with chocolate trim or white with white trim
•  Backed in cozy custom flannel 
•  Trimmed in silkie satin 
•  Machine wash/dry ~ gentle/cool
•  Gift boxed with educational insert 

Comfort Therapist Jeanelle Troncone, renowned Early Parenthood and Childbirth Educator and mother of six, was the first to research and understand why babies find comfort in the silkie feel. With her knowledge about birth and baby she knew the amniotic fluid that surrounds baby has that same silkie feel. Babies naturally have a comfort response to the silkie sensations that they experienced within the womb. She created and patented this comfort blanket over thirty years ago. The original Comfort Silkie is still considered the best and safest comfort for baby.

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Product Reviews

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  1. Whispering a little prayer for him...

    Posted by A. Cappelletti

    I have six children, they used Comfort Silkies when they were babies and I still have theirs. This order is for my first grandchild. I must keep the tradition going! I know you are including a scripture for our little preemie, but if you wouldn't mind also whispering a little prayer for him as prepare his silkie. He was just born this morning to my daughter and her husband stationed in Louisiana (Airforce). He was 6 weeks early and has some complications. Thank you and God Bless!

  2. Making the world a better place, one Silkie at a time!

    Posted by N. Dickerson

    My precious premie received a comfort silkie when she was in the NICU in 1991. I bought some extras to cover laundry day and when they would disappear because they got stashed in a corner or inside a toy. I think my daughter carried it everywhere until she went to kindergarten. Once she started school it was tucked under a pillow for nighttime and anytime she needed some comfort. When she went off to college she had a pillowcase so her roommates didn't get to see her silkie (which she still has and she's 25). Every baby shower I attend there's always a Comfort Silkie from me- I'm making the world a better place, one Silkie at a time!

  3. Thanks for such an important and valuable product!

    Posted by J. Lincoln

    I first learned about Comfort Silkie in 2002 when my first child was born. We were given one as a gift, liked it and it became our daughter's special blanket (which she still sleeps with today at age 14). We have since purchased them for our subsequent children and occasionally as gifts for new people in our lives. This current purchase is for a sweet girl born at 30 weeks gestation (3.2 lbs. and 16.5 inches) who is doing well but looking at at least a month in the NICU. Thanks for such an important and valuable product!

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