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4 Foundational Tips to Help Make Homeschooling A Success

Homeschool!? Oh no - what the heck! Comfort is on the way. Here are 4 foundational tips to help make homeschooling a success.

Just know, you are going to survive and probably even thrive. I’ll share things from my crazy life as I homeschooled 6 kids & ran a national business. ⠀

1. Set the emotional tone for learning. If you or your “student” is getting frustrated zero learning gets done. Step away, eat something, give a hug and figure out a way to make it work.⠀

■ “They don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care.” Let your child know you care about them and want to make homeschooling a success for them.⠀

■ Remind them you are learning as you go how to make homeschool work. Kids can help figure out the best plans.⠀

■ Take one day at a time. Celebrate victories! Keep going. ⠀

2. Take this opportunity to figure out your child’s learning style. When a child is in a classroom of 20 it is difficult to honor individual learning styles. This is the moment for. It will make learning easier for your child and you.⠀

■ Is your child an auditory (listening & verbal), a visual (picture or print), or tactile-kinesthetics (hands-on, writing) learner? Google: learning styles. It is how their brain best processes information. ⠀

3. Create a personal learning environment. Make a comfortable, organized place to focus. Let your student help make a place where their brain works best. That space is their learning place. Again, it is a special time to explore how their individual learning best takes place.⠀

■ Some kids learn better with music on, some need snacks, some need quiet. Ask them what works best for them. ⠀

4. Be organized. Have an everyday schedule. Be firm. Be fun. ⠀

■ Being compassionate about individual learning styles, and creating a learning environment does not mean that kids get to run the show. Give them the overview. Tell them the schedule. Make school time a no fuss zone. Learning is not optional. You are the teacher now. Would they be able to get away with that behavior in school? Let them know your rules and expectations. Give rewards. Mini breaks. Snacks. Especially for mom!

■ You got this! Be comfort strong.

I will be sharing more homeschool tips and stories throughout the month on Comfort Silkie's instagram. Find this post there to ask me a question, share a problem, share a success in the comments! xo, Jeanelle 

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