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Life is an Easter Egg Hunt

Oh, the joys of Easter. Big things to celebrate like; Rising from the Dead and little things like; chocolate bunnies and marshmallow peeps.

We often start Easter with sunrise service on the beach, a family brunch and then the Easter egg hunt.

Grandma makes the traditional kringle and everybody brings their favorite breakfast dish to share. We can barely get the kids to eat because they can’t wait to grab their baskets and scurry around the yard hunting for treasure.

You see, bright colored plastic eggs have been tucked in every bush, tree, and plant throughout the yard. The eggs have been filled with pretty candies and shiny dimes. Some of the “anti-sugar” years, we filled the them with nuts and dried fruits. Every part of this tradition is fun. The adults fill the eggs and hide them. Some eggs are placed low and obvious for the little ones. The rest are hidden in higher and more difficult spots for older seekers. Even the hiding is a game with a sense of trickery and challenge of who can do the best hiding.

I think an Easter egg hunt should happen more than once a year. The hunting, finding, gathering, and opening of little treasures - can you ever get too old for this?

We should live life like a treasure hunt; looking for little surprises of happiness throughout the day.

I like this idea because I am a gatherer. I find joy in looking for the unexpected. I search for delights that might go unnoticed.

I need to point out the sweetness in my day and gather it up like I can’t get enough. I do believe God tucks away little surprises in our lives and I don’t want to miss even one. Yes, I confess I like the idea of gathering until my basket is crammed full. Of course, there are some discouraging days when you really have to look to find the goodness, but it is worth the search.

When I see the excitement of children waiting with baskets-in-hand to begin the hunt, I realize I want that kind of anticipation in my life. Not just for plastic colored eggs on Easter, but as a searcher and a finder of blessings that are often overlooked. I want to go looking. I want to find. I want a heart that believes that there is goodness to be gathered.

So enjoy this Easter and remember to be a hunter and a seeker. Look for the goodness, look for the hope. May our Comfort Silkie products be an extension of "The Comforter" to you and those you give them to.

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Comfort Silkie Goes Viral! Adorable son of Gavin Newsom interrupts his dad's inaugural speech with Comfort Silkie blanket in hand.

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