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Christmas Wishes

Wish - a desire for something to happen or be done : an act of thinking about something that you want and hoping that you will get it or that it will happen.

A few years ago, my son-in-law gave me a darling Christmas tin with the wording, Christmas Wishes. It became a favorite thing and I have used it for a decoration every year.

What are your Christmas wishes?

Ask your children and your spouse that question. World peace, good health, the latest gadget, or toy are not the answers. This is a real question. Give them a day or two to think about it. You can explain that it is something you dream about happening. It can be something you can actually achieve, or be completely unrealistic, it does not have to be financially doable, or it may be a talent or skill they always wanted.

You may be surprised what wishes are hidden in their hearts.

These are my Christmas wishes for you:

I wish for you: The comfort of knowing that you are valuable and unique. You are the only person in the universe, since the beginning of time, that has your fingerprints. From 2 tiny cells you were fashioned into a complete being with DNA that belongs to only you. Feel special.

I wish for you: The comfort of realizing that only you, can be you. You’re the best at it. Be a gift to yourself and embrace, even like, all the weird little quirks and talents that make you, you. Like yourself.

I wish for you: The comfort of finding people and places where you feel safe and loved. If you have this already - treasure it, protect it. If you feel alone, don’t stay there. Join a group, go to church, find community, reach out. Someone else is feeling just like you and you can make a difference in their life.

I wish for you: The comfort of quiet. Life is noisy and busy. Too much to listen to and too much to watch. Turn off everything and give yourself the gift of quiet.

I wish for you: The comfort of strength for the day and rest from the storm. Sometimes life is just hard. If your going through a rough patch, pause, breath out the stress and snuggle into comfort. Good days are still ahead.

And my greatest Christmas Wish for you:
Is the comfort of the angel’s words to the shepherds so long ago. Good news – really good news … of great joy, a Savior has been born and those groping in darkness have seen this great light.

Our wish is that the products we make are an extension of His comfort and light throughout the year.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays – From Comfort Silkie 

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