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MAN Comfort!

If your man isn’t using Comfort Silkie – order him some now!

We hear stories all the time about hubbies stealing their wife’s Comfort Silkie pillows, throws and even shawls :)

You know how wonderful it feels to just snuggle in and let go into comfort.

These hard working men need the same kind of relaxation. 

Often they won’t buy something soothing themselves, even though they need it.

So, go ahead and treat them with the best gift – comfort.

Gifts for Dads/Hubbies/Men

And the upside is, you won’t have to share your Comfort Silkies 

Stress is apart of our everyday life. It can take a toll on the men in our lives. 

Comfort can make a difference that they often don’t consider. 

And ... who doesn't want a less stressed man?!

The reality is that we ALL need simple techniques that help us unwind and de-stress.

Comfort is good for our bodies and our brains.

Look what comfort can do for your man:

  • lowers blood pressure, enhances energy, 
  • stimulates the bodies natural ability to heal
  • reduces stress hormones
  • decreases pain and suffering 

AND this hasn't been part of our studies, but hmmm ...

research shows that stress reduces the sex drive. 

I am saying, Comfort is GOOD for you and your man!

So get comfort, do comfort, be comfort.

What the world needs now; is comfort, sweet comfort.


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