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Fall into Comfort - Live Comfort Strong

Who doesn't love the Fall comforts of pumpkin lattes, colorful leaves, and apple candles? Some breeze through the season changes and holidays with all excitement and joy, however others don’t. The Fall season brings more sadness and sickness that the rest of the year. Here are some comfort tips help you stay well, understand fall feelings, and enjoy the season. Live comfort strong.

I enjoy so many things about the Fall Season; collecting colored leaves, lighting my favorite apple scented candles, and decorating with pumpkins. Bringing out my nubby sweaters and sweatpants makes my brain think of cozy moments. We start stacking wood for the fire and cooking up sloppy joes. And life seems good until ….

Focus on all the goodness of this season, but also be real with your emotions. When seasons change, it can bring emotional change. You may not be aware of how it is affecting you. Feeling discouraged or down, you could be experiencing SAD, yes a real diagnosis: Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Comfort Tips:
1. It is ok to admit your sad, even if everyone around you is thrilled with everything pumpkin. 2. Learn more about SAD – see the link below 3. Plan ahead to do something every day that brings you pleasure (favorite food, favorite song, go for a walk). 4.Get you some sunshine. It will up your serotonin, your happy chemical. 5. Make time for a comfort moment to anchor your thoughts. Wrap up in your Comfort Silkie Throw slow your breathing, let yourself be soothed, you deserve it.To learn more info: https://www.webmd.com/depression/guide/seasonal-affective-disorder#1

I can’t live without comfort moments where I just stop and gather myself. I tend to be an emotionally up person but can fall into some dark days. When I get in those dark days I work hard to help my brain sort and understand my feelings and emotions. I write my thoughts, draw, pray, and sing. I do things that help my body up its serotonin level; exercise, sunshine, Vitamin D, and snack on carbs.

Be kind to yourself. Beware of the Fall Syndrome: “What am I Doing With My Life?” Suddenly, you realize like you didn’t accomplish your goals for the year. Now you’re facing this reality; in the weeks left you probably won’t get a darn thing done!

Comfort Tips:

1. Don’t panic. Don’t be hard on yourself. You may have “over shot” to begin with. 2. Look at what you didn’t achieve and reschedule. Life is a constant reschedule. 3. Take a good look at what you did accomplish and give yourself some gratitude.

I am always behind. I take the end of year hard. I plan more than I can do and then when I don’t accomplish it, I get discouraged. Happens every year. I want to encourage you not to do that. Fortunately, I usually get over it quickly because, life goes on and I can’t change yesterday but I change tomorrow.

Be good to yourself. Up your immune system. The fall season is the season for flues and other nasty viruses. Yes, be scared – they are coming for you.

Comfort Tips:

1.Take your vitamins, wash your hands, stay away from coughing/sneezing people, get a flu shot, use hand sanitizer everywhere, and don’t get over tired. 2.Fall naps can keep you well. Wrap up in comfort and take a snooze.

I am writing this as I recover from 3 days in bed with the flu. It sucks. I did all the above and still got it. If you get sick, just be happy you have Comfort Silkie to soothe you and maybe lots of NyQuil?

Be kind to others - be a comforter. You may have someone in your life that is SAD or sick and you can bring them comfort. What the world needs now, is comfort, sweet comfort.

Take care of yourself and be comfort strong.

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