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About Us

Comfort Silkie - About Us


Comfort – v- to make strong, calm, soothe, refresh

Comfort Silkie is our family business, we have been creating luxuriously soothing gifts for over three decades. Comfort Silkie products are made especially for you with our signature fabrics: Silkie Satins, Ultra Soft Plush, Cozy Cotton Flannels, and Luxe Fur. Each item we ship represents our lives work. It makes our world-go-around to know that one touch of Comfort Silkie can make your day feel lovely.

Thirty years ago, we began with comforting babies. The Soft and Silkie Security Blanket and the Infant Swaddler, our first two patented products, were designed, patented, and marketed for infant comfort response. Today, we continue to be innovators in comfort research, products, and therapy for all ages.

Comfort Silkie products are designed to soothe your senses and evoke a sense of well-being. The best gift is comfort! Comfort creates positive biological and psychological changes that enrich our lives.

To all of our dear Comfort Silkie friends ...

Thank you for every letter you wrote us, every picture you sent, and every product you shared. You are the reason we are here. It has been a joy to bring comfort into your life.

      With tons of love and appreciation.
      Greg, Jeanelle & The Troncone Family 

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Comfort Silkie Mission:
To change the world comfort-by-comfort with our products,
our words, and our actions.

Proudly Made in USA


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