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To Know Us Is To Love Us

Ten things you might like to know ….

1. Greg and I are dreamers and believers.

2. I was a mompreneur before it was a word. Comfort is not only what I do but who I am. I began comforting as a mommy, then a childbirth educator, then as a doula, and then on to creating comfort products and therapies.

3. Greg has an architectural degree and was a builder before we began the Comfort Silkie adventure.

4. Greg is “left brain” and I am “right brain”. We jokingly say, “Together we make a full brain!” Since we wanted to stay married … we figured out how to divide the company up into tasks that used our strengths the best.

5. I am titled “The Mother of Comfort” because the products I designed gave birth to a new industry of comfort products and therapies.

6. Over thirty years ago, we researched, designed and patented the first little Security Blanket and the first Infant Swaddler. We were the first to understand baby comfort needs and design products to soothe. Our unique products have been inspiration for a zillion knock-offs.

7. All six of our children grew up at Comfort Silkie. I hadn’t planned on being a full time working mom and so we decided to home school the kids at the company. We worked, taught, and played all at the same time. Good news is, we all survived and even thrived.

8. We were almost the first reality TV show. About twenty years ago, a producer came and met with us and said they wanted to do a show on our family. They would follow us around and film our life. After she left, we all laughed and decided she must be crazy because … who would ever watch a show like that! 

9. Years ago, when I first met with the patent lawyer … He said, “Honey, go home and be a mom. Forget this idea it is just too hard to actually manufacturer and successfully market.”  When we did our first trade show … they said “I hope you didn’t put any money into this. No one will buy a blanket that doesn’t cover a baby.”  We didn’t listen. And thirty years later … a million babies have been comforted and soothed.

10.  Comfort Silkie’s customers grew up and we did too. Over the years, little ones who found comfort in our Original Security Blanket became adults and now unwind with luxurious throws and pillow covers. You never outgrow your need for comfort - we love you forever.


Comfort Silkie Family 

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