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Beauty Sleep - Comfort Combo

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Product Description

Comfort Combo ~ Better Sleep, Beautiful Hair & Skin ~ Soothing Products & Techniques

Created for Comfort:
Snuggle and protect your hair and skin with Comfort Silkie luxurious charmeuse satin sleep tools. Satin comfort keeps moisture in your skin, helps prevents facial wrinkles and keeps your hair from tangling.  
Comfort deep sleep: Learn how to create and initiate a powerful comfort response that allows you to enjoy relaxing sleep. The brain remembers, the body responds - the science of comfort. 

Be Comfort Strong  ~ These are your comfort tools:
Silkie Pillow Cover
- to provide sensory comfort and establish a comfort memory
Silkie Eye Mask - to block out light & stimulation to signal the brain it is time to sleep
Silkie Hair Scrunchy - to gather and protect your hair 

Includes Booklet: "Learn how to have Better Sleep, Beautiful Hair & Skin".
Leads you through the steps of creating a comfort memory to trigger the comfort response & restful sleep. Instructions for relaxation & comfort breathing techniques to quiet the brain & body. 

Comfort Design:
Create your soft cocoon of sleep comforts. 

Calming satin colors in white, creme, pink, gray. 
Silkie Pillow Cover  ~ Comfort Silkie charmeuse satin on both sides, Standard size
Silkie Eye Mask ~  Charmeuse satin cushioned comfort eye mask in gray satin. 
Silkie Hair Scrunchy ~ Charmeuse satin in matching color of pillow cover. 
All products are machine wash/dry ~ gentle/cool.

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Product Reviews

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  1. I am ADDICTED

    Posted by P.S.

    Can I tell you ... I have been addicted to Comfort Silkie since I was a baby!
    Now, 35 years later I can't sleep without my CS pillow cover. This the best combo - everything I need to tell my brain to quiet down and give me some rest. As soon as I put the hair scrunchy in and grab my eye mask my brain knows what time it is - zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

  2. ZZZZZZZ without frizzzzz

    Posted by T.T.

    Love this combo. Perfect silkie pillow cover, so soft eye mask, and yes! the silkie hair thing. I have a whole sleep routine now - thanks Comfort Silkie.

  3. Best Sleep

    Posted by S.K.

    Ok, you guys have the best pillow covers! Can't get better than Comfort Silkie super soft satin. I have had your pillow cases for a few years and after many washing still lovely. And now, this combo - perfect.

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