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​The Power Of Comfort

I am passionate about comfort. I am a comforter. Comfort is wired within me. I need comfort. I want to comfort others. I have wondered why this need for comfort and to share it runs so deep in me.

I think it has to do with suffering. I have known some pains that etched away at my hope and faith. I have felt some deep disappointments that shook me. I have clung to comfort and found it in the touch of faith, song, and family. I wanted Comfort Silkie to wrap someone in comfort, calm a distraught baby, give a touch of hope that heals, and soothe an anxious mind. Why? Because I have experienced all those and I didn’t want anyone to feel alone or uncomforted when life is hard.

I think it has to do with understanding the way we are designed. We are created for comfort. We are wired for comfort. Watch the comfort a baby feels when their Comfort Silkie is handed to them. You know the baby wasn’t taught that response. It is innate, it is automatic, it is amazing – it is the power of comfort.

After studying comfort response for 30 years, I will confirm to you …Comfort is the best gift. I hope our Comfort Silkie products make you feel just as I hoped when we drew our first logo. I want our products to make you feel “tucked under the wing of the Almighty.” I couldn’t think of a place more comforting, secure, and protected, then nestled there.

Be kind to yourself. Do comfort.

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