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Love is How We Live

February is the month of Love. 

I couldn't do better at explaining love than the words in Corinthians do. 

Love is how we live.

As a mom of six, I thought if I could teach my children to be loving & kind, then most of my job was done. 

A framed picture of the words of love from Corinthians hung on a wall in our home. It was the best child rearing tool I ever found. Before they could read, I would read it to them. As they grew up, I would have them stand in front of it and read it out loud when they misbehaved. I told them to stop when they got to the one thing they were not doing and tell me. Sometimes they were impatient, sometimes unkind, rude, or angry. These words taught them what love looked like in actions and words. I am blessed to say, my children became adults who are loving and kind. 

They learned that love is not a feeling, it is how we live.

Valentines makes us think of chocolates and roses. However, February can be difficult for people who are disappointed in love, feeling lonely or dealing with sickness. This is the perfect time to make someone feel special. Valentines Day isn't just for romantic love. Let others know you are thinking of them. There is always someone you can give comfort and love to: a friend dealing with heartbreak, an overwhelmed mama, a college student missing home, or an elderly family member. 

Who can you share love, comfort and kindness with this Valentine's Day?

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"We can not do great things, only small things with great love." Mother Teresa


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