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Embrace Spring - Snuggle in, Dream, Believe in New Beginnings

Snuggle in to Comfort Silkie, dream, and believe in new beginnings.

Spring reminds us that new things can happen. 

Dreams that we have buried can come alive. 

Like the seeds and bulbs that lay dormant under the snow, your dreams can still spring forth. 

Make time for comfort moments to dream and list the things you have tucked away in your heart. 

Revisit the things you buried because you thought they could never be. 

Don't be afraid of being disappointed - just wrap up in your Comfort Silkie and dream. 

Write out your dream, draw pictures, make lists, write prayers and affirmations. 

Be comfort strong and spring into new beginnings. 

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This was our first Comfort Silkie “printed” order form over 35 years ago.

We were dreaming big and added a couple extra order lines just incase we added more colors. I feel many different emotions when I reflect on this early reminder of the start of Comfort Silkie. 

It has been a long journey filled with all kinds of twists and turns of adventure, disappointment, sadness, joy, and hard work. We dragged our kids through it all and amazingly, they turned out to be lovely, hope-filled, capable adults. Hallelujah!

A company that started in my heart as a young mom lives on. If Comfort Silkie was some how part of your life, you were part of my life dream. 

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