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Back to School - Be Smart - Do Comfort

Be Smart – Do Comfort
From kindergarten to college, school brings its' own stress.
Comfort Silkie helps you be healthier, smarter and stronger.

Brain scans show that comfort has a critical impact on how the mind transfers and stores information.

Be good to your brain – do comfort.

Comfort Routines:
Help the body and mind reset and renew.

Comfort Relaxation and Breathing: Curl up with a Comfort Silkie Throw and snuggle into the soft sensations – tighten every muscle and then relax, letting go of tension and stress. Now with muscles completely relaxed, take a few minutes to totally let go and feel the quiet in the body. Breath slow, deep or do a calming sh-sh-sh sound.

Comfort Energy Release: Squeeze the Comfort Silkie Nap Pillow with energy releasing hugs (squeeze with the whole body and release) repeat until ready for nap. Place the pillow under head and nod off. Wake up refreshed and smarter.

Comfort Pressure Touch: Use the weighted sensation of the Comfort Silkie Hot/Cold Pack on shoulders and let stress melt away.

Comfort Wisdom:

The brain and body stores sensory moments.Take time to make them.

See our new Mama and Me Comfort Set – make comfort moments.

Snuggle in together. Think through the day, share the rose and thorn of the day. (The rose is the best of the day and thorn the worse). 

Other brain comfort tips:

The comfort of letting the brain organize:
Do schedules, make daily, weekly, and monthly plans (it will not all go as planned; however it gives a sense of control).

The comfort of letting the brain observe:
Be aware and make conscious consideration of energy levels, feelings, and thoughts.

The comfort of letting the brain express:
Get a regular notebook with plain paper. Journal a few lines every day. Do art therapy, draw or color a picture for the day. Keep these notes and pictures as a reflection of the journey through the year.

The comfort of a well feed brain:
Stock up on high energy snacks and healthy foods. Drink 6-8 glasses of water a day.

Be smart – Do comfort

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