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The Comfort of A New Year

The Comfort of a New Year

What! We are already over three weeks into 2019. If you are super organized and already have your year all planned out, this blog may not be for you. But for the rest of us, who are still trying to get our feet under us …

Celebrate snuggling into this New Year and find the comfort of…

Knowing you have a whole year stretching out before you.

Don’t look back in regret but move forward in anticipation.

I always feel a bit crazy in January. How about you? I can’t believe another year has already past. I always feel some little regrets of what I didn’t accomplish, and also excited to have time still ahead. If you feel the same, I suggest “mental comfort sorting” to get all life’s feelings in order for this New Year.

The comfort technique of mentally sorting and organizing your thoughts and feelings is a great way to start this year “new”. It’s like cleaning out mental and emotional closets for a new beginning. As Marie Kondo would say "The ultimate goal of tidying is to learn to cherish everything you have so you can achieve happiness for your family and live comfortably." This concept also applies to your inner self and "tidying up" your mental space is key achieving that happiness and comfort. Here is how I suggest you do it:

Get a new 3 ring notebook, a calendar, your favorite pen or pencil, and sit down with something fun to drink. Make a page in your notebook to write and sort each of these feelings/categories for your New Year: Dreams and Hopes, Projects, Things to Finish,Things to Start, Disappointments, Things to Forget, Things to Remember. Who to give Comfort Silkie to :), 
Writing thoughts and feelings about the New Year is comforting because you take time to consider YOU and the days ahead. 

Comfort Silkie - Mental Sorting and Organizing for the New Year

Print out a calendar for 2019, three-hole punch and add to your notebook. Look through each month and note birthdays, vacation dates, and project dates. Just the act of sorting and noting dates gives a sense of comfort and order for the year.

Enjoy including something good to drink, in a favorite glass. You deserve it.

Write a journal or record of the 2019, day by day. Keep it simple. In the front of your notebook, do a note line for each day. At the end of each day, jot a line of what happened in your day: "Kaden woke us up at 4am, worked on email project, got groceries, Bennett's favorite saying today is "That's a great idea!" - sounds so funny in his 2 year old little voice. Feeling tired." 

Make a New Year Resolution to be strong, creative, and take hold of your life. Give yourself the gift of comfort, quiet your mind, restore your body, renew your soul.

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Wishing you the best year ever!

Thank you for being a part of The Comfort Nest! Enjoy checking out all of our awesome blogs!
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