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Dream a Dream - 7 Tips To Help Make Your Dream Come True

A dream is forward thinking in our lives. Be a dreamer. Let your brain dream plan: redo your house, start a mom group, or invent a product. You can change your world. I had a dream to comfort babies and invented the first little security blanket. Now, over a million babies have been soothed by that dream. Here are some steps to help make your dream come true.

1. Find comfort in dreaming: Let your brain problem solve and be creative. You can change your world.

♡ You are unique. What you bring to this world no one else can bring in your unique way. Your world needs your creativity. Don’t doubt yourself.

When I took my patent work to the attorney he said, “Go home and be a mom. It will be too expensive to make and market this. 97% of patented products never make any money.” That patent launched Comfort Silkie that has brought comfort to millions. -Jeanelle

2. Take notes: Enjoy “old school” notebook, pen, paper. Write your dream. Draw your dream. Color your dream.

♡ A dream is a little seed of thought that keeps reoccurring. This is where you acknowledge it and take hold of it. Let your dream develop and grow – it belongs to you.

I look back and see notes I wrote when the dream of Comfort Silkie was beginning. It is the journal of the journey and the record of the inspiration.

3. Collect inspiration: Clip, pin, download, and photograph anything that relates to your dream.

♡ Dreaming is a process. Let your brain gather, explore, and enjoy. It is a comfort activity to let your mind do “free flow thought” about your dream.

I love notebooks. I like to flip through my thoughts and ideas. I am a gatherer and need a place to organize and then put it away.

4. Find others: Google, friend, follow, and connect with others who may have a similar dream

♡ Gather your encouragers. These are the ones that have gone on before you. Learn from them.

Today this is easier because of the internet, etsy, instagram, facebook to find your encouragers. The competitive culture of the baby market shortly after Comfort Silkie began, made it difficult to create a tribe. I was so thankful to be doing the company with my husband. He was my tribe. Now you have a wonderful new world of connection on the web. Use it.

5. Make a plan: List the mission, ingredients and steps needed for your dream.

♡ Enjoy this process and build your dream. Add to your notes as you go along.

I wrote our mission, the heart of my dream. I even knew what I wanted our logo to represent – a chick tucked under a wing. I have always found comfort in the thought of being tucked under the wing of the Almighty. I wanted that sense of comfort in our products. I listed and researched each part of the first security blanket and first swaddler. I listed each step of the production and packaging. It was like writing out pieces of my dream and parts of my heart.

6. Be real: List costs, problems you need to solve, time frame if needed

♡ Here is where a dream heads into reality. Be honest. Look at all the pieces and then see what is practical. If you’re a numbers and problem solver person, you like this part. If you’re an idea person, this part is probably your least favorite.

Oh my … the costs, the problems … it is part of the reality of a dream. I learned a lot about myself and how I faced disappointments, problems, setbacks and delays. I tend to be dream driven and Greg is more practical. He is left brain, I am right brain – together we made a full brain!

7. Be patient: Let your dream evolve, change, and form up.

♡ Dreaming is good for your brain. Dreaming is good for your soul. Dreaming is anticipation for goodness in the future. Everything that has happened in the world, started as a dream.

Thomas Edison – “I have not failed. I’ve found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” 

So many things about the dream of Comfort Silkie I could have never imagined. When a man called our office and said that his wife had passed away after a long illness. He wanted us to know that his wife had taken Comfort Silkie to every hospital stay and every treatment. It had given her so much comfort. Now, her throws and pillows bring him comfort when he misses her. I would have never been able to foresee the ripple effect of our company in the beginning of the dream. 

See our recent @comfortsilkie Instagram post about the comfort dreaming. What is your dream? Share it with us! 

“Be a dreamer, change your world.” -Jeanelle

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