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Thank You, Mom.

Thank you, Mom. Those 3 words seem so inadequate. Now that I have my own children I realize how hard motherhood is and I don't know how I can ever thank you enough. You were part mom, doctor, cheerleader, teacher, and superhero. You and dad made our childhood joyful and full of love. You taught us to dream big and follow our hearts. You showed us what hard work and dedication looks like. You created a home that felt peaceful despite having the chaos of 6 children! You always made birthdays and holidays special even when times were hard. You created fun traditions that I now also enjoy with my little family. Seriously, how did you manage to get us all dressed and out of the house for anything on time? Home school and start a business? Or to family holiday events with beautiful food and gifts in hand? I only have 2 kids and the struggle is real!

Even though I might be grown with my own family – you’re still my comfort when I am sick or I need a little encouragement or advice. You always seem to have the right words. There are days when I feel overwhelmed or defeated and I am lucky I have you. Just tonight I texted you after having a hard day (potty training a strong willed 2.5 year old boy is not for quitters!) and your response was just what I needed. Thank you. Thank you for always being there for us. For simply stopping by to check in when someone is not feeling well or to drop off a much needed coffee or to just play and blow bubbles with our boys in the backyard. When Jonathan had his emergency surgery you slept next to me in the waiting room. When we had our four pregnancy losses you cried along side us and prayed for us. I could not have gone through those hard times without you. You helped me research doctors and brought me comfort with your words of hope, yummy treats and lots of hugs. I’m so thankful you were there to help bring our miracle boys into the world and share in our joy. Your super-mom cape does not rest as now you are also super-grandma! You continue to show me and teach me about motherhood. And I’m so thankful as this mom life is not easy! I have heard you say so many times "I loved being a mom!" And I want you to know that we loved you being our mom. And you clearly know that we all still need you! 

What I admire about you most is your strength. I know there were days that you must have felt exhausted and wondered how you would do it all. Managing a house full of children and a growing business must have felt pretty crazy. But you always gave us the love and care we needed. I saw how hard you worked (and still work) for Comfort Silkie and for your family. I feel lucky that this family business has allowed us to work together for so many years. It's not often that your boss is also your mom and best friend! I have learned so much from you. You have had your share of heartbreaks and hardships. Your life has not always been easy. Yet you always continue on with such grace and strength. You find and hold onto the tiny bits of goodness in everything. You are incredible! I hope I can always be strong like you, Mom.

Thank you for all you do for our families. We are all blessed to have you as our mom.
We love you! Happy Mother’s Day!

We are so happy you are a part of The Comfort Nest!
...and don't forget the best place to feather your nest and get the comfort you deserve is at Comfort Silkie.

Oh Mama! You are amazing!

Oh Mama! You are amazing. You are making the world go around and stay together.You deserve to be celebrated. So what, if it is your fifth day in the same sweat pants, if your dreaming of escape, and are wondering if your kids will still like you when this virus is over. Mother’s Day is [...]

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4 Tips for Working at Home and Homeschooling

We shared these tips for Working at home and homeschooling on our instagram stories. We hope they help during this covid-19 quarantine and time at home.Follow us on Instagram - @comfortsilkiefor more tips for family, health, comfort and exclusive discounts.  

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Love is How We Live

February is the month of Love.  I couldn't do a better of job of explaining love than these words do.  As a mom of six, I thought if I could teach my children to be loving and kind, then most of my job was done.  So, a framed picture of these words of love hung on the wall [...]

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Comfort Your Heart ~ Facts & Tips for Cardiac Wellness

♥ Did you know? A woman dies of heart disease every minute. It is the leading cause of death for women in America. More women die of heart disease than all forms of cancer. 8,000,000 American women are living with heart disease. ♥ You are the heart of your home. Take care of yourself - be kind to your heart. Your heart is an [...]

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The Power & Comfort of a Kind Word

I shared on Comfort SIlkie Instagram, a story about when the little ones in our family go trick or treating, I dressed up as a Fairy God Mother. With lots of fairy glittery glam and wand-in-hand, I pronounce in my most Disney voice, “May all your dreams come true,” to each of the candy givers. Their [...]

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